Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bad News Bears

We have a predicament. You might recall the sweet picture of Sophie asleep with her baby doll. Just like in that picture, she really does adore her baby doll. She pushes the doll around in her stroller, rocks her, tries to get her to drink from Sophie's sippy cup, "dances" her (as in the picture below on the step ladder), etc.

Today, however, I was in the bathroom fixing my hair and I hear my daughter screaming frantically (although I could tell it was fake). I came out of the bathroom to see her standing at the top of the stairs. Her baby was at the bottom of the stairs and she was yelling, "Oh No, baby, Oh no!!"

I wish I could say this was an accident. However, as the scene has been recurring lately, I'd say we better keep a close eye on Teeny Tiny when we finally bring him/her home.

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