Sunday, January 25, 2009

Teeny Tiny's Nursery - Voter Help!

We worked really hard this weekend. Seriously, if you could see how closely my feet resemble the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man, you'd know that I pretty much haven't rested for two days straight. (Okay, there was that chocolate party I went to...)

Here we are, hard at work. Looks like my stomach favors ol' Marshy as well. Yikes.

Below is the bare bones of the nursery. We don't have any decorations in it yet, and honestly I don't know how we're going to decorate. I'll probably wait for most decorations until after Teeny Tiny arrives and we know the gender. We got the great idea for the dots on the wall from my friend Kenna, who did something very similar in her long-awaited Kate's room.

Here's where we need your help! Ben and I cannot decide what color of rug we want to put in the room. Since the floor is wood, we want to buy a nice area rug to cover a good amount of the floor space. We initially desired a pale green rug to compliment the darker green wall and lighter green bedding. Alas, my pale green is not to be found (unless I want to pay well over $400 online, which I most certainly do NOT want to do).

The two colors we're debating are: off-white/cream or dark brown/chocolate. Please go to the top of the sidebar and vote on which color you think would look best! We're pretty sure it should be one of those two colors, but if you have another suggestion feel free to leave it as a comment and we'll consider it!
Okay, take another look at the picture below, make a good decision, and get to voting! I'm only leaving the poll open for two days!!


Bill and Sharon said...

I can't believe I got the FIRST comment in. The room looks GREAT. Good job. It will be just right for the little boy :-)
Love ya,
Grampa Tyson

Harrold Family said...

Okay for starters, you look great and not at all like the stay puff marshmellow man!!! Second I think chocolate/dark brown because I think it would be a great contrast, but what do I know. The nursery is awesome and I love the dots. Great job you guys!

Ryan Corcoran said...

Since we're talking about babies, and babies are messy, I'm going with chocolate/dark brown. Just my 2c.

katie said...

The nursery looks great! Very cute!

I don't know what to vote for!! :)

Tristan and Leslie Block said...

I love your color scheme! So adorable! Looks great you guys! :)

Can't wait to see you guys and meet the new wee one when we come in May!

Katrina said...

Dark Brown would look very cute and would make a great contrast! Love the nursery!

Lori said...

I was thinking a chocolate rug before I ever read what colors you were thinking about! I love the dots on the wall...and the green! It looks great! And you look great!

Abbie H. said...

Awww-you look nothing like that marshmallow guy!

LOVE the room and the colors! I voted for a darker color.

Will you email me your address? I'd like to send something your way!

Bethany Gilliland said...

I think the off white/creme but something washable. I just don't think the dark brown will stand out against the brown floor. I realized the creme would be a risk, but it really should be fine, and I think it will stand out and go well with the creme in the bedspread.
There's my thoughts :)

Phelps family said...

The room looks GREAT!
It's a tough call, but I voted chocolate brown. Mostly because if infant poop goes flying I don't think you'd ever get it cleaned out of cream/off white.
You look great too. Such a cute pregnant belly.

JEroh said...

GoGo cream!

kauffeegrl said...

Thank you for your compliment-I really enjoyed working on that quilt, labor intensive though it was! And I think your voting poll is over, but I would vote for the cream because you can use a bleach based cleaner to clean it-sometimes a dark color actually ends up showing every little piece of lint and fluff :-)

Merina said...

I'll vote but i'll also look for a light green rug all the way over here. I like the room. It will go great with your blanket ;)

Devion said...

I don't have a vote, but wanted to tell you that the Dillon's by my parents' house had some nice rugs...solid colors...for decent priced. I'm not sure on the size, but you should go check them out. They were by the Valentine's stuff the other day, but with that store, you never know. Happy decorating! :)