Saturday, January 10, 2009

Picture Pages: Christmas(es) Edition

Wow, what a whirlwind our Christmas break was! Although our family time in Wichita was quite different than normal due to my Granddad's passing, we were so blessed through our varied experiences with both of our families. Be prepared for lots of pictures!

We began our time here in Wichita with my family. Sophie had lots of fun with Delaney and Nolan. She gets very excited to see her cousins!

It's been tradition for years for us to open new pajamas on Chrismtas Eve. Here are the girls in their new matching Curious George pj's, which came complete with the Monkey himself.

Here are the kiddos at the top of the stairs on Christmas morning, waiting to go down and see if Santa Claus came!

Sophie talking on her new Elmo phone from Uncle Jeremy:

Me with my precious nephew, Nolan. Gotta love the fuzz-head!

Me and two of my favorite men - my Daddy and handsome Marine Corps brother, Jeremy:

On the 28th we were whisked away to Salt Lake City, Utah. Sophie was able to show off for lots of Ben's family and hang out with her sweet cousin, Elyssa.

Sophie and Elyssa were a hoot together! They still didn't really play together, but they loved watching each other and following each other around. And of course, Sophie had to teach Lyssa some of her more practiced habits such as singing and whining.

Our two snow bunnies loved spending time outdoors with Dada/Uncle Ben and Grandpa.

Opening presents:

Gobbling up that yummy pizza:

Such cuties!

Notice how both girls are the same height, even though Elyssa is about five months younger!

Playing at cousin Lyssa's house:

The cousins love sharing kisses with each other!

The two girls with their Grandpa and Ben:

Sophie adores her new book called "I'm a Big Sister." Here she is reading with Momma and her soon-to-come sibling on the airplane.

For the Grand Finale, here is Sophie in her Christmas dress. Yes, I realize the hairbow is rather large. That was definitely the point. I really am a biased mom, but I just wanted to eat her up. Scrumptious!!


D's Mom said...

LOVE the Christmas dress. Adorable!!!

Ashley said...

There is no such thing as too big when it comes to hair bows! Sophie is a doll. Absolutely precious!!

Lori said...

I love all the pictures! Looks like y'all had a good time. What day are you due? I can't remember. Love you!