Monday, March 31, 2008

Bigger Troubles than ADHD

Okay, so what's worse: ADHD or a 9-month-old who's already a Drama Queen? I mean, bring on the Wichita Children's Theater, people, because Sophie is ready for the spotlight! Here's a video of her favorite performance.

Last night was our going-away ceremony at Capitol Hill. They honored us and Brian & Kristen Stroud, who are also moving (they're headed to Alabama). It was so nice. Especially the touching words we received via Heather (Hartman) Roberts. If you know Heather, you know that she is skilled in the art of witty and sometimes sarcastic banter. But last night, she only had nice things to say, and it was very moving. Of course, I am very proud of my husband and the way he loves the Lord's people unconditionally. So I thought it was cute when Heather called Ben the "battery" of Capitol Hill. Although I enjoyed her metaphor, we are full of gratitude that the Lord's wisdom is so high above ours, and there are many servants working together to breathe life into this ministry. We know and believe God that He has great plans for Capitol Hill Church of Christ - plans to bring every member hope and a future!

Our open house went well yesterday - there were a couple families very interested in the house, and we're trusting the Lord that one of those families will be the new owners of our great little home! We'll keep you updated!


katie said...

That video is so cute...too funny!

That's great that you had a couple of interested families. Hopefully one will work out!

Jeana said...

Oh my, that video is hilarious! SO cute!! :-) don't you love it when they perform on command, hee hee!! Have you guys moved yet?

jaime alexander said...

That video is so cute...Sophie is so adoreable

Clendenen said...

Great to hear from you guys!! Your little girl is pretty cute, can you believe how fast they grow up. Glad to see things are well with you and your family.

Devion said...

She is so funny! I'm sure this is only the beginning of her drama days. After all, I know her momma! :) *wink*wink*

I have a friend who blogged tonight about her daughter fake choking over and over after an episode of choking. I'll take the fake cough over fake choking any day! :)

Anonymous said...

Sophie is so cute! She has grown since we last saw you guys. Ron and Ginger told us you are moving to Wichita. That is great! Now we will get to see you every time we are in town. Matt and I are now moving back to Oklahoma...around Durant area. Matt got his uncle's old job. So, we are hoping to sell our house just like you guys. Good luck and we will see you in Wichita! Kim Mauck