Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A thanks-filled morning

Today I'm being thankful. Sophie and I are sitting in her nursery, which has lots of extra things in it right now because of the painting. In fact, as she sits on the floor playing, she's in about a 3x3 ft space due to 2 extra dressers, a shower curtain and lots of old yearbooks that have been added to the "decor" of her room. I guess it's good that she's not crawling yet.

So back to being thankful. I was sitting here this morning getting frustrated. The painters had originally hoped to be done yesterday, but they're back today. Sophie and I are not about to have another day like yesterday, where we tried to stay gone most of the day. She was cranky which in turn made me feel bad for her and cranky myself. So I was feeling sorry for myself that we were "stuck" in our own house when God reminded me of so many things. One: we're having this painting done because we're moving to Wichita! Yipee!! Two: we can afford to have painters come paint for us instead of having to find the time to do it ourselves (and the energy). Three: God has never failed us - EVER - so why should I complain about a little inconvenience in my life?

The fourth thing I'm thankful for is the health of sweet Baylee Banning. For those who don't know the Bannings, we have some friends whose 11-month-old daughter is fighting a tough cancer and WINNING. All because of our awesome God. All 6 of her tumors are now gone, and they're off to Fort Worth this week for her bone marrow transplant, the last stage in her recovery. PRAISE GOD! He truly does more than all we can ask or imagine.

We met with our realtor on Monday night. She walked through the house and gave us some suggestions for how the house can show better. We made an appointment for next Monday, when she'll come and do all the paperwork and take pictures, and hopefully get the house listed within 2-3 days after that. We're in a "time crunch" here, but we know God has worked everything out so far and He'll continue to do so! Please pray that our house sells quickly. Which leads me to the fifth thing I'm thankful for - we can stay with my mom and dad once we get to Wichita instead of having to find a place right away (and possibly having two mortgages if our house doesn't sell immediately).

The sixth, but not the last, thing I'm thankful for today is my sweet, precious, beautiful, healthy baby girl. She is so smart and fun and makes us smile and laugh all the time. The video is of her signing "more" while eating. She doesn't do it exactly correct, but she knows to bring her hands together and she definitely uses it when she wants something! Ben says she doesn't think it means more, she thinks it means "give it to me." I feel so much better after writing about our blessings today!


katie said...

It's so good to stop and take stock of your blessings!

I'm so looking forward to seeing Sophie when you guys come for the baby!

Merina said...

Hey, its great that you guys have started this blog so i know what your doing 900 miles away.

Jessica said...

So excited to see your blog and Sophie! I will be in Wichita next weekend, but I'm guessing you won't be there yet... hope all is well, I'll put Sophie on my blog as one of Kinley's friends so I can keep up with you regularly! She's a cutie!