Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Survival of LTC

Sophie's first Easter was not spent at a church building or with family hunting Easter eggs. Before you begin to think we're sacreligious, we did have an Easter dress on her today, and we were at a church service (because those are the things that make us good Christians). It just happened to be at the Anatole hotel in Dallas.

On Friday we packed up and moved out for the Lone Star State for the weekend to support the teens from Capitol Hill as they participated in Leadership Training for Christ (LTC) , performing in various events that they've prepared for over the past few months. Some did drama, some Bible Bowl tests, some song leading, some preaching, etc - they did an AMAZING job and we are so proud of them. This picture is of some of the kids during their drama. It really was so good that I became teary-eyed. Call me a "bragging mom," but it was awesome.

Leave it to my opportunistic daughter, however, to choose this as the most propitious few days to begin cutting her very first tooth. For experiencing the excruciating pain of a razor-sharp piece of bone slowly pushing through the leather-tough exterior of the gums, she far exceeded my expectations. By Saturday evening, however, after a day of hurting, coupled with being passed from teenager to teenager for hours on end, Sophie made it very clear that she would not put up with any more. She had a little baby breakdown. We were broken hearted for our little trooper. So, she slurped down some Tylenol, took a stroller ride around in the warm spring sundown, and had a quick visit to the awards ceremony, before being whisked away to bed. In a strange hotel room and with kids cheering and shouting in the next room, Sophie quickly met up with Mr. Sandman and was down for the count. I always said she was a great sleeper, but this really proves my theory.

Despite Sophie's Saturday evening episode, the weekend was fantastic. God reminded us why we've spent the last decade (9 years for me, 10 for Ben) with these kids. We really love them so much and have watched them grow into amazing young adults, far beyond what our feeble minds could've anticipated (God constantly reminds me of Eph 3:20). Wow, we're going to miss them. Another perk of the weekend was the kids getting to spend some bonding time with Sophie before we go. They all love her, especially one of the high school boys, Josh, who won a little award for "Best Baby Caregiver" because he always wants to see her and help with her. Please pray for Capitol Hill as they're going through lots of transitions right now - we pray for God to continue to work in ways "beyond what we can ask or imagine!"

One other fun little thing from this weekend was that Ben took Sophie swimming for the first time. She was so sweet in her little suit and loved the water, just kicking around with her legs.

Our poor little traveler was so excited to be home this afternoon. Little does she know, we're headed to Lincoln, Nebraska tomorrow for the birth of her new baby cousin, Little Boy Baker! My sister, Katie, has a c-section scheduled for Tuesday morning at 11:30.

On Wednesday evening we'll come back, and Ben will work two more days. Then next week, we're both done working here, and we'll be packing up and getting ready for the big move on Friday and Saturday, April 4th and 5th! If any of you are really anxious to help, or just need some exercise, please head out to our house for free pizza and a moving party on Friday night the 4th after work!

I hope to post more on Tuesday after our new nephew arrives! Please be praying for Katie and the baby that all goes well and both are healthy!


katie said...

SO cute in her swimsuit! Poor girl having to get back in the car today. I'm so looking forward to seeing her though!

Holly said...

I am so glad you guys came for this last weekend. We are going to miss you guys so much. I was thinking that with Carmen and Ulyses moving on from high school and into college it is kind of a fitting time; it is always nice to see them through and you guys have really done that.

I am not sure you will ever find a group of teen-agers that adores your daughter as much as the Capitol Hill kids do, but at least you know there is always a place you can bring her to where she can get lots of good "culture."

"Lord you establish peace for us; all that we have accomplished you have done for us." Isaiah 26:12

Elise said...

Oh, the rolls on that girl are to die for! :) They remind me of my children...

It sounds like you are a very busy family- all good things! We will keep you in our prayers during the *big move*!

The Hoopers send love!

Sara Rose Tutus said...

Oh my gosh! How cute is she in her swim suit!?!?