Monday, March 10, 2008

Lazy Days of... Winter?

I believe the correct term is "Lazy Days of Summer." But right now, Sophie and I are longing for the Lazy Days of Winter. Up until we knew we'd be moving (less than a month ago), Soph and Momma enjoyed our Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays by doing whatever we wanted. We would stay at home in our pj's all day, maybe get out and run an errand or two, read books, play on the floor, etc. Oklahoma City (and our house) was our oyster. But since deciding that we would be moving, many of my days off are spent dragging poor Sophie around town, attempting to get things done for the move. There have been quite a few days where she hasn't had a real nap in her bed, but just little short snipits of a nap in the car. She also has had more than one meal of pureed carrots or beans at the food area of Target, or believe it or not, sitting in the trunk of the Highlander with me. (Wow, I didn't realize how bad that makes me sound until I wrote it down).

Well over the last few days, Sophie has decided she's had enough of this nonsense. Overall, she's actually been really happy and so much fun. But every time we go to get in the car, she throws a fit. Mind you, fussing isn't unusual for Sophie when we're putting her in her car seat. But lately, it's been a full-fledged, arching her back and stiffening her legs, screaming and babbling at the same time, hissy-fit. The screaming and babbling together really cracks us up, because we know that she's chewing us out in Baby-ese.

So, as I said before, Sophie and I are longing for those lazy days when we can just truly enjoy each other again, and do things on our own time. And in many ways I'm glad she can't understand me yet when I say it's gonna get worse before it gets better.

Yesterday we had more strange men in the house. This time it was cleaning the carpet and tile. Went off without a hitch, everything looks great, and I can't really believe it but the house is ready! Also, our realtor came over last night, we signed papers, and she took some pictures. When she left, there was a "for sale" sign in our front yard. Amazing that with how excited I am for this move, the for sale sign kinda gave me a teeny twinge of sadness. Our little house has been so good to us. And for that matter, so has Oklahoma. If you'd asked this Kansas girl or Utah boy ten years ago, we probably would've said we'd never miss OK. But, dear old Oklahoma, with your wavin' wheat, honey lambs and die-hard Sooners and Cowboys, we salute you!

No pics today; check back next post!

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katie said...

I want to see the car seat hissy fit! It sounds amusing. :)