Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Uncle Jeremy, here we come!

Sophie loves her Uncle Jeremy. Yesterday we had a quick visit in Wichita, and Sophie got to spend a little time with her Grandma and Granddad, and of course, Uncle Jeremy. Sophie was so funny. I couldn't even feed her while Jeremy was in the kitchen, because she kept peeking back over her shoulder trying to find him. This makes me elated! I really want her to know and love her Uncle Jeremy, and I'm so excited that she'll get to see him so much once we're in Wichita. Hopefully he won't get too tired of us!

For those of you who don't know, Sophie has very mild hearing loss in her right ear. Her left has tested with mild loss in the past, but appears to be getting better (even though her audiologist said it probably wouldn't)! Well, one of the ways that God reassures us through her hearing loss is that she's incredibly verbal. My little baby doll LOVES to talk. She whispers, she shouts, she squeals, she screams, she babbles many different sounds of the alphabet (and even makes up some of her own). What a loving God we serve to use her verbosity as a reminder to us that He is in control!

The video below is a game we play with Sophie when she's practicing one of her favorite passtimes: talking!


Jessica said...

Wow Kelly, she looks just like you in the picture with Jeremy!

katie said...

That photo of her and Jeremy is SO cute!!

And I love the video! So cute and fun! It's so cute seeing her standing and talking. How MUCH do I want to see her?!?!