Monday, March 3, 2008

The Fumes of Realty

I had to go to work today, unexpectedly, when another speechie called in with the flu. My choice; I could've said no. It was a debate because the painters started painting in the house today to get it ready to put on the market. I didn't really want these random men in my house without me here. But, alas, I succumbed to my husband's chant of "money" in my ear and called Sophie's day care lady who was more than happy to have her an extra day. It was really a blessing in disguise, because I didn't have Soph in the house with all the fumes. I already felt like a bad enough mom putting her to bed tonight with my own lacquer-infused headache on the horizon. So tomorrow, we'll be off to Super Target, the big baby-clothes consignment sale at the Norman fairgrounds, and the grocery store. We might even stop off at the park for a nap for the little one and a little Harry Potter for me (in the car of course; it's cold out!).

Of course the "mommy guilt-bug" also hit last night as I was telling Sophie that I had to go to work today. I told her how much I'd miss her when her Daddy decided to remind her that she'd get to see Emma, her little buddy at day care who is one month younger (she seriously loves Emma so much that she cries when Emma leaves). That made me feel a lot better, being replaced so quickly by a 7-month old.

Well, even though she got to happily spend the day with Emma today, at least she's mine tomorrow. Along with all the people at Target and the fairgrounds.


heather hub said...

yeah!!! i'm so glad you have a blog! sophie is so super adorable!

Lori Bell said...

I'm glad you decided to start a inspired me to start writing on mine again! We'll see if it you!

Damon and Amy said...

I am so glad that we can keep up with you via the blog !! Good luck with the move. Did Ben get a new job or what? love ya!

Adam and Heidi said...

Hey there Kelly-

Glad you've joined the blogging world. Will enjoying keeping up. Little Sophie looks adorable:)

D's Mom said...

We were at Super Target last night. :)

Did you find anything at the consignment sale?