Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Child, You're Like a Star

Although Sophie's not walking without assistance yet, she just might be real close. There have been a few times that she's taken 1-2 steps from me to Ben with no help. And although she can crawl now to get what she wants, and she will if she has to, she does not prefer crawling by any stretch of the imagination. If she can, she'd rather pull up and cruise over, or she's even been known to grab your hand and point to what she wants so you'll help her walk to it. She LOVES to use her walker by herself. You would think she'd hate it because she kicks it quite a bit, but, oh contraire, my friend. Here is a video.

At the bottom of this post is our song to Sophie. There's nothing to watch, but if you want to hear it scroll down and hit play on the video.

It's a song by the Newsboys called "The Letter." I came across it one day while listening to the CD it's on (called "Go"). It's a beautiful song to a child who's hurting. Although Sophie's not hurting, we immediately knew these words (especially the chorus) were for our sweet one who was "set apart from the start of the world." We claim it for her life by singing it to her every night before bed.

"Something no one can do is take the place of you, oh can't you see you're one of a kind. Oh, child, you're like a star, set apart, set apart from the start of the world. This is your time, rise and shine, child you're one of a kind, one of a kind you are."

What perfect words for any child to grow up knowing and believing.


katie said...

She does so good with her walker! That's so cute.

And those are neat words. That's cool that you have that as "her song".

Meshellyn said...

Very cute!

I know what you mean. I was looking at your family camp photos and thinking how cute baby rolls are, we haven't experience those. Em would have definitely been swimming in one of those shirts, more so than Sophie!

And her daycare is all day. Monday's she'll be there from open to close, just about, and Tuesdays it won't be as long, but I'm going to have her there by breakfast and pick her up around 4 or 5.