Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Family is One of God's Masterpieces

The whole family has been together this weekend. Today we had professional pictures taken at Portrait Innovations. We've used them before and they did a great job. Enjoy!

The whole fam!

Troy and Katie with Delaney and Nolan; our family (Ben, Kelly & Sophie, ha ha):

Uncle Jeremy with his nieces and nephew; Grandad and Grandma with their babies:

Nolan and Delaney; all 3 cousins:

Sweet little Nolan; big-girl Delaney

Sophie doing one of the hilarious new smiles she has (her smile is evolving; not a baby, big open-mouthed smile all the time anymore).

Hope you got your fill of the "Eroh" family!


Jessica said...

Fun Stuff! I bet that was a project and soooo worth it!

Anonymous said...

Oh Kelly!
What a great looking family! Everyone looks healthy and happy. I miss you greatly. I hope you had a blessed mother's day.

Meshellyn said...

Love the photos! They are cute, I'm a big fan of PI and we're planning to get Em's 1 year photo's taken there this week. I'll be sure to post them in between all of the festivities. You look so happy!!!

The Hamblins said...

What a beautiful family!

Sarah said...

I saw most of these on Katie's blog-- but love the one of your whole family!

You guys all look so great. So, so sweet.

Damon and Amy said...

Those are such great pictures!! The last one of Sophie and her "new" smile is hysterical!!

lisa bialon said...

Very nice! We always go to Portrait Innovations and love them! They did a great job for you guys! Thanks for sharing!

Harrold Family said...

Those are some great pictures.

Anonymous said...

Kelly, You're hair is so beautiful!! I love it. Sarah