Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Hike

So often my faith is so small. I see a mountain looming and mindlessly allow fear and doubt to consume me. "It's too big." "It will take ages to climb!" "Wouldn't it just be easier to re-route?" Oh Lord, please help me to know and believe that the mountain before me was chosen for me as a precious gift. Help me not to overlook my opportunities to grow: to build muscle; to increase my endurance; to breathe some fresh air; to feel my lungs burn with the thrill of exertion. Let me not forget the magnificence that awaits me at the summit, and the chance to "be still and know." Holy Father, remind me to praise you at the first glimpse of each new mountain. Delight my soul with the anticipation of what that new journey brings.

**Click on "gift" to access the article "Don't Waste Your Cancer" by John Piper.

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katie said...

A good reminder, Kel.