Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Just Why Do People Sell Their Homes, Anyway? (And crawling)

We're 0 for 2 here, people. As of yesterday, we have now accepted two offers on our house, from two different couples, and both times the buyers have reneged. The only difference this time was we actually signed a contract and saw a copy of a check for earnest money, so we were hoping we were a little closer to being "homeless" for awhile. No such luck. After a call yesterday afternoon from our realtor, we realized that we are just not the right people to sell a home. So, third time's the charm, right? We are in the process of negotiating with another couple. Hopefully this will be the one. Yet again, God is so good to remind us to trust HIS plan, not ours.

Ben and I had an absolutely fabulous anniversary. We went to a brilliant little Bed&Breakfast called The Woodward in Topeka, KS. It's actually a series of historic houses that have been renovated into these B&Bs. My mom and dad kept Sophie overnight (our first night away from her at the same time). We got spiffied up, and enjoyed a nice Italian dinner out in Topeka. We then went back to The Woodward for our free chocolate ice-cream-cake, which we enjoyed on the front porch with some peach ice tea while reading a good book. Late that night, I was having a tough time sleeping, so we stayed up giggling and talking into the wee hours of the morning. Norman Rockwell couldn't have painted a more flawless portrait in my memory.

Here we are at the restaurant:

And this is the Woodward Executive, the house we were in (we had the whole house to ourselves!) Make sure to check out their website to see the other houses - the main one is especially phenomenal.

In another bit of news, Sophie is finally crawling! She started this on Friday. It is a really funny little crawl (we call it a gimp crawl; I know we're mean)... she doesn't want to put both knees down so she crawls on one knee and one foot. Not the most efficient means of getting around, but hey, at least she's a little more mobile, and that makes her happier (which makes me happier). I've attempted at least three times to post a video (sorry if you're using a feed and keep getting new post updates), but Blogger is having serious problems (or else I am). SO, video will come in the future. Make sure to check back for it, because she's a stinking cute gimp-crawler, if I can say that as a totally biased Mommy.


Meshellyn said...

Happy Anniversary! I loved the post you made for Ben and think it is super sweet! How exciting for her to be crawling, it's a nice transition and great for them to gain a little more independence. We'll pray you become "homeless" soon :)

Phelps Family said...

I love the picture of you guys all dressed up for dinner. As Carly would say, "You match!" Sounds like a great little getaway.
Good luck on the house. You're right, God will work it out at the right time.