Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sophie, my Hearing Impaired baby?

Well, some of you may be awaiting an update on Sophie's hearing loss. I'm sorry to disappoint you, but this isn't one (not really). I still haven't found an audiologist here in Wichita. In the meantime, my sweet little girl with borderline mild hearing loss is verbosly growing by leaps and bounds. Not that this is anything new, because God has always whispered reassurances in our ears by her love for talking (babbling, chatting, whatever you want to call it). But lately, she has picked up some new habits. I will attempt to get video of it in the future, but here is a list of the new things she says.

1. "NO" - it sounds more like "NA," but she knows exactly what she's saying. Her favorite time to say it is when she throws her sippy cup off the high chair, and then looks right at me and says, "Na Na!" Guess I've said that a little too much.

2. DaDa and MaMa - she's babbled these for months, but now she really means them. She started with DaDa about a month ago, so I guess that was her first word (forget the woman who nursed you, takes care of you all day, and wipes most of your poopy diapers). But within the last couple weeks she has also started to mean MaMa. What an incredible feeling to hear her say that.

3. "Aaaaa" (in a deep grumbling voice) and "Nay" - these two animal sounds she does really well. The first is the lion - it is the cutest little growl ever. The other, of course, is the horse. If she's asked "What does the lion (or horse) say?" she answers with the correct sound. SO CUTE.

What an awesome God we serve!


katie said...

God is so good!

And I love her noises. So, so cute. :)

Harrold Family said...

Moving is such an adjustment, Justin and I have done it too many times. I will be glad to try to help in anyway that I can.

Jessica said...

Oh... I love the ma-ma, I bet that is soooo special! And the animal noises - funny and cute! Hopefully I'll get to hear her little noise in just a short while at Family Camp!